Open-ended Problem and solution

Number Theory

Mowing Lawns


1. Ron and Darrell mow lawns to earn money in the summer. Ron has a riding mower. He charges $18 a yard and pays his little brother $7 to help. He is able to do 9 yards in a day.
Darrell has a walking mower. He charges $20 a yard and does 8 yards a day. Who do you think does better? Explain your answer.

 Jumping Frogs

2. A frog jumped on several stones on his way to the pond. He did not land on the same stone twice. The product of all of the stones that he hopped on was 19,635. On which stones did he jump?

Solution :

Please Remember: These are open-ended problems. There could be other solutions than the ones we are giving.

Number Theory

1. Ron clears $155 and Darrell clears $160, but Ron is probably not as tired because he had a riding mower.

2. 11, 3,17,5,7


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